Chatterhead Says

AI is the digital wheel and it needs to roll for everyone.

All AI projects must be open source. AI is not a nuclear device that must be contained it is the wheel that all need access to. When talking about the momentum of time and the advancement of technology no discovery besides fire was more important than the wheel. From the wheel came the axel and form the axel came the cart and before long we were flying in rocket ships. Nothing was more important to the overall advancement to man's existence than the wheel. Until now.

Artificial Intelligence to the level of Artificial General Intelligence is the end result of the Industrial Revolution. The collective efforts of a few dedicated and very smart individuals has succeeded in producing for the world the digital wheel. What we make roll with it does not define in reverse the nature of the thing we use to make it roll. Artificial General Intelligence is not the end of the world or mankind. It's a test to see if we are ready for the next phase.

The next phase in which we no longer allow legal battles to define the distance of our visions or the accessibility of shared horizons. A phase that can allow for a new kind of revolution. One that doesn't come back to where it began as its predecessor would have, but rather one that turns and goes in a new direction. The next phase is one of evolution and we will not be going back the way we came and no amount of 'new normal' from Old World elite will change it.

Making AI projects open source will allow them to be properly vetted for security vulnerabilities and in this newly coalescing arms race it will allow those with real advancements to be provably first. Any proprietary code that makes its way into other code will be recognized immediately - almost as if we could ask a program to do that all day long...

The threat of sentience is not the real danger of Artificial Intelligence. The real danger of artificial intelligence is in the blackboxing and privatization of a fundamental advancement of all mankind. In the simplest terms, you cannot lock away the wheel nor market its design once revealed. You choose to give it to the world so that together we can make this third rock roll in a new direction.